Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

To secure your booking a non-refundable deposit of £100 per tipi/yurt is required within 5 days of arranging the booking. If this is not received within 5 days the booking slot is then released.

If paying by PayPal a surcharge of 2% is implemented to cover PayPal’s charges.

Confirmation of booking will be sent out after deposit has cleared, by email unless specified by customer.

All balance of payments are due one month before stay. If balance has not been received 21 days before the date of your stay the slot will be released and the customer will lose their deposit and have no entitlement to a transferable voucher.

Discount offers are only applied to bookings made during the period of the offer. They will not apply retrospectively to previously arranged bookings.


Cancellations made up to 21 days before the date of your stay are entitled to a transferable voucher. If guests then cancel again we reserve the right to charge a rebooking fee depending on circumstances.

Cancellations made within 21 days of date of stay are not entitled to any refund of monies, vouchers or alternate dates; they will lose their slot. Customers with exceptional conditions may appeal to the goodness of Eco Retreats’ heart! In this case any decision made by Eco Retreats will be final and not set precedent.

Your stay

We will be welcoming and go out of our way to ensure you feel safe and comfortable at the site.

We will endeavour to do our best to make your stay enjoyable whilst taking no responsibility for the weather. All guests should come prepared for rain and sunshine bringing suitable clothing and footwear!

On rare occasions we may need to accommodate guests in a different tipi from the one originally booked. We reserve the right to change your tipi to a different one of the same standard, if necessary.

We ask our customers to arrive between 4 and 5 pm. Please add at least one hour to all route finder satnav estimates. If you are caught in traffic please endeavour to let us know. Customers who arrive much later should be prepared not to be greeted at the site and we will leave full instructions for them.

Sorry, but we can’t allow dogs on the site!

We kindly ask you only to drive on the hard tracks or parking areas and not onto the grass – you are likely to churn up the grass and may even get stuck!

We ask you not to smoke within the tipis or yurts. You are welcome to smoke outside.

We are proud that Eco Retreats is a safe place to be but we cannot accept liability for damage to or loss of your property or vehicle.

We use sonic mouse deterrents in each tipi or yurt but as we are surrounded by healthy meadows and woodland we cannot guarantee that your tipi/yurt won’t be visited by mice. We kindly ask guests to let us know if thay have noticed any mice so that we can use a humane mouse trap to relocate them.

Guests generally come to Eco Retreats for peace and quiet. We kindly ask you to respect the other guests by not making too much noise. If guests cause an unbreasonable disturbance we reserve the right to charge them for any compensation we may have to offer to other guests.

We realise that glasses or crockery may occasionally get broken and will not charge for small breakages, although we do appreciate a small donation to replace broken or damaged items. If you cause considerable damage to your tipi, yurt or any of the furnishings we will ask for adequate recompense to cover the cost of replacement.

We are very grateful if you can leave your tipi or yurt as you found it, with clean crockery and cutlery and no litter!

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