Tipis (teepees) are truly beautiful living spaces. They offer protection from the elements while allowing you to experience the freshness and joy of living close to nature.

Our 21 foot diameter tipis are surprisingly spacious. Each one is lovingly furnished in an individual style, accommodating a double bed with comfy mattress, organic bed linen, cushions and a coffee table and sheepskin rugs; the fire at the heart of the tipi is a central wood burning ‘chiminea’. We supply you with all the wood and kindling you need for inside and the tipi is lit by an abundance of candles in lanterns. There is a 2 ring gas stove for cooking, complete with all utensils, crockery and cutlery.

Each tipi has its own wood-fired al fresco bath as well as a private shower and toilet unit situated just a few yards outside. The water comes down fresh from a spring higher up the site.

Our tipis are all fitted with ‘ozans’, an inner awning that we put in to provide extra insulation, making sure you stay dry and warm inside.

Outdoor living has never been easier, or more comfortable. By day you can enjoy the light airiness of the tipi and by night nothing beats cuddling up next to a cosy log fire!

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