As well as the shorter guests’ comments on the photos throughout this website, below you can read some of the feedback left by our guests over the years.

As you can see we found it hard to cut down on the ones we’ve included!
You can find more of our guests’ feedback on Tripadvisor.

“The Tipi looked beautiful at night, with the cracking fire and candles painting golden pictures on the tipi walls. A romantic experience away from the trappings of modern mayhem. Highly recommended.”
Deryck and Jen, 15-16th July, 2006

“This has got to be one of the most relaxing and still places we have ever been. You feel yourself unwind within 5 minutes of arriving. Lying at night, the fire burning, the candles lit, the utter stillness, why would you ever want to be anywhere else.”
Anne and John, Glasgow, 20th July, 2006

“We have had the best family holiday we could have ever hoped for. Three days of perfect family time in the meadow tipi. I have never seen baby H so chilled out and relaxed or S so unconcerned about watching the TV. It’s been an exhilarating and truly beautiful time that we’ll never forget. Thank you for making it all so perfect and effortless for us.”
Michael, Caroline and children, 6th August, 2006

“On our third visit to this magical place we decided to bring 80 of our favourite friends and family to celebrate our wedding!
I think it will probably go down as one of the more unusual, yet memorable weddings they’ve all been to! The Bedouin tent, the disco ‘Big Top’, the campfire…everything looked like a fairytale as night fell.
Thank you so, so much for helping us make our dream come true. See you for our first anniversary!”
Kerry and James, Gloucestershire, 19th August, 2006

“Freedom from the hussle and bussle,
Two heartfelt thanks,
wonderful time”
H, 3rd September, 2006

“Thanks for the experience but more importantly thanks for giving me a place to fall in love all over again.”
Sarah, 3rd June 2006

“Our son Ethan has loved making the fires and him and his dad set up a tent in the woods but came back at 2 in the morning, but on the way back across the field saw the most amazing stars we’ve all ever seen”
Charlotte, Neil, Ethan and Melody, 30th August, 2011

“Well where do we start? This has to be the most beautiful, enjoyable stay we have ever had. From the moment we arrived we were blown away by the yurt and all it has to offer. It is heaven on earth, a magical, romantic experience in the most beautiful of settings.”
Yvonne and Ian, 3rd October, 2011

“It’s another world. A place to get away from everything but get close to everything too, no distractions just time with the ones you love and nature. A beautiful experience that we loved hugely. We leave minds clear and happy, thinking of when we’ll be back. Many thanks and I hope everyone who stays has an incredible time also!!”
Clare and Adam, Surrey, 21st October, 2011

“The kids loved it and we did too! Seeing the milky way was a rare treat”
The Morrises, Staffs, 28th October, 2011

“One word sums it up; Bliss.”
Joanne and Paul, Barnsley, 22nd April, 2009

“Booked the retreat as a gift for my husband who said he wanted to spend some time with me. That is just what we have done – nothing! but spend time together. We have walked and talked and listened and learned that hustle and bustle, fast cars and late nights, busy shops and crowds are definitely not necessary to be happy and feel at home ….. a fantastic setting which will live long in our memory and I know will be a talking point for many years to come.”
John and Carolyn, Lancashire, 24th June, 2009

“We’ve both been lucky enough to travel around the world and appreciate now what we have on our doorstep.”
Charlotte and Karl, 6th July, 2009

“Anniversary weekend with a difference. What could be more romantic than snuggling in front of the fire listening to rain on canvas. We had a lovely time.”
Helen and Ross, 30th August, 2009

“Think about your life day to day.
Imagine saying goodbye to some of the materialistic trappings of the modern world.
Experience the basic yet completely satisfying feeling when all your needs are catered for.
Could you imagine the simplicity of nature? Enjoy the crackling of a wood fire?
Listening to the beat of a Raven’s wing? Can you picture it? What an adventure!
Now think of sheepskin rugs, great wine, good food and loved one’s company. Would you love it?”
Angus and Paula, 26th October, 2009

“The views are amazing, this whole place is amazing. We loved staying in a tipi. We go camping every year but this beats it for definite.”
Amy and Ryan, 4th June, 2010

“An amazing experience altogether, it’s always been fancy restaurants and 5 star hotels. This was totally different. What more can you ask for, cuddling up next to a fire with your loved one; you always see these things on the TV being so unreal. Me and my husband really got the chance to unwind with each other and enjoy the scenic views. Never had the chance to actually live in a real remote area and chop your own wood, cook outside. Beautiful experience, Thank you.”
Navi and Harnish, 9th July, 2010

“To describe our 3 nights here is very easy. It was everything that we needed and just what we wanted. Our most memorable night was cooking over a campfire and gazing up at the awe inspiring night sky.”
Russell and Charlotte, 6th September, 2009

“Let me tell all parents how wonderful it is to see a ten year old boy – playstation/TV/technology addict – never sit still! Collecting firewood is his life. Tipis have an affect on everyone – young and old. Please, never change a thing!!”
Stef, 24th May, 2010

“Our cheeks are rosy from the blazing fire outside…..we smile with contented bliss in this beautiful landscape. What an amazing bank holiday we’ve had, no people… stress……..sunshine……a fire in our tipi and a feeling we’ve not really experienced – total relaxation and escape from the outside world.”
Sal and Matt, 1st June, 2010

“Other world. The reiki experience was relax-tastic and we felt completely chilled for the rest of the weekend. The tipi is really comfortable and homely and incredibly welcoming hosts. This is truly an experience and thank you to Chanan and Michael for creating the opportunity to go back to nature in a comfortable yet authentic manner.”
Rich and Sandra, Leeds, 18th September, 2009

“We spent our evenings making a wonderful fire; and then sat for hours in silence, mesmorised by its beauty, and its fierce yet alluring nature. Thank you for the sights, the smalls, the thoughts and the feelings of nature, and thank you for creating the opportunity to experience this. We will never forget this place.”
Jake and Chris, Kent, 26th October, 2009

“I proposed here. She said yes!”
Maxine and Rick, April 2010

“The sky is so clear, I saw my first ever shooting star! I will never forget this place…so relaxing, a perfect romantic getaway.”
Anna and Will, Melbourne, 4th May, 2010

“You don’t need us to tell you what an amazing place this is. We have never done anything sooo cool in our lives….all a bit of a reality check.”
Michelle and Ian, Wiltshire, 3rd July, 2010

“We didn’t think there were any spots as truly peaceful, remote and beautiful that you were allowed to stay in left in Britain!!”
Siobhan, Mat and Connor, 15th October, 2008

“We enjoyed seeing our dad axing like an axe man.”
Christian, 19th July, 2011

“When my best friend asked what I wanted to do for my 30th birthday; my only reply was that it had to be something I would remember forever! Boy did she hit the spot when she booked this??
I sincerely couldn’t have dreamt for a more tranquil, relaxing and fun-filled adventure.
The reiki massage was sublime, feeling so relaxed and calming with our meditation session in the afternoon to top off what has been truly spectacular.”
Chrissy, Bolton, 23rd April, 2009

“…we got to be kiddies again, hiking through the woods, walking up the river, chopping wood and making real camp fires. Snuggling up, eating, drinking, chatting and laughing in front of the fire – we have had the most perfect time.. Thank you.”
Helen and Paul, Hastings, 26th May, 2009

“I wanted to choose an activity to remember and this has not disappointed! I am not a camping or “roughing it” girl but I wanted to do something different and new and this holiday has been amazing, thank you. We have had a lovely few days getting away from our busy and hectic lives and have enjoyed being at one with nature. The scenery has been gorgeous, the campfires have been fantastic and mountain tipi has been wonderfully cosy. The reiki treatment was lovely and the meditation session was so relaxing. Thank you for a much needed break.”
Lucy and Gordon, London, 8th June, 2009

“I booked this wonderful break for Michael and I, not really knowing what to expect. We both agree it has been better than anything we could have ever imagined! We have really got to know each other again (inside and out). With 4 young children at home and after 10 years of hectic (but wonderful) marriage it has reminded us both of why we love being together.”
Sally and Michael, August 2009

“- Michael, Michael, I don’t know if I’m a yurt or a tipi?
– That’s because you’re two tents!”
Niki, Tanzy, Alex, Petra and Nadia, 26th September 2010

“As a farming couple who only live thirty miles away, this experience has surpassed our expectations! We feel so relaxed and refreshed!
To have all this here on our doorstep is fantastic.
I thank you for your innovation and creativity.”
Gwen and Tony, Trawscoed, Aberystwyth, 10th June 2011

“Thank you all for making such a beautiful place, so we can come and feel free and relaxed. We stayed in meadow tipi for a week with our two sons. As it kept raining just kept the fire going and chatting, cooking and laughing. Simple and valuable pleasures. I love everything here, but the views from the top of the hills were magnificent! Boys loved poking the fire with their poking sticks!”
Agnese, David, Matis and Robert, 1st June, 2008

“What a most excellent place to spend 3 nights of our honeymoon! Stunning location, outstandingly cool accommodation, the best we could have hoped for. Ridiculously romantic in front of the fire and sheepskins, man, this place is awesome from top to bottom!”
Robin and Claire, 24th June, 2008

“The meditation and reiki was really something special and I feel I am going back to reality with greater strength and hope than I have had for a very long time. Truly magical!”
Suzanne and Bevil, Manchester/Bristol, 9th November, 2008

“What a fabulous experience staying in an Eco Retreats yurt is. This was my birthday treat from my loved one whose idea of luxury is as far removed from a tent in winter on a Welsh hillside as you can get. But she did it and she did it for me! And you know what? She enjoyed it as much as I did!”
Pam and Paul, Shropshire, 3rd November, 2008

“This was my 40th birthday treat and I can say it was the most beautiful place for us to have come.”
Andy and Rachel, 21st May, 2007

“There are times and places in your life where you just need to be, no future, no past, just the moment – this is one, enjoy it. Totally chilled, the teepees are amazing, the locality is just beautiful and peaceful.”
Derek and Sue, June 2007

“I like chopping the wood and down at the river on the slide. I like the tree swing, I like the sheep. I helped the lamb, it was poorly. The toilet is cool. The view is beautiful. It has been one of the best holidays I have been to.”
Olivia (aged 8), 23rd July, 2007

“When my mum and dad first told me I was like ‘nooo!!’ but now I am glad I came, has been great! I had a try at the wood chopping and I was brill!”
Chloe (age 13), 23rd July, 2007

“Feeling very relaxed indeed. A perfect start to our honeymoon.”
Torben and Freja, Oxfordshire, 3rd May, 2010

And some of our guests receive bardic inspiration from the Welsh hills!…

“Our memories are:

Easy going
Heather and Nigel, 8th October, 2006

“Chillin in Wales
Ecoretreats a truly wonderful place to stay,
To escape the hustle and bustle of everyday.
High on a hill or tucked in the trees,
hide one yurt and four tipis.
Met by Julieann and Rainbow with a friendly smile,
then off to our tipi we all file.
They explain how we’ll live and be eco too,
and then show us our compost loo.
You will experience so many sensations,
whether during reiki or meditation.
Calming and stimulating something for all,
under the gentle guidance of Paul.
All lit up by candles at night,
when tucked up cosy and tight.
Wood burning stove to warm your toes,
whilst listening to the waterfall as it flows.
Toasting marshmallows by the fire,
then hot chocolate before you retire.
Would we come again? Oh yes, for sure.
We are totally chillaxed to the core.”
Helen and Tim, 8th May, 2009

“A wonderful place with fantastic Chi,
a place to relax, together and free.
Our place was waterfall, all cosy and snug
with bedding and blankets and of course the odd bug!
We always go camping, but never like this,
the teepee, the fire, we’re both sure to miss.
The weather was warm, the shower well….not!
The bedding was snug, the log fire so hot.
We relaxed and we walked amongst all the sheep
then came back to bed to sleep not a peep.
Thank you so much for a wonderful stay
as sure as eggs is eggs we’ll be back here one day.”
Nige and Paula, Southampton, September 2009

“The stream races by
the clouds drift along
the air is filled with chirpy bird song.
The hilltops beckon
and the tall trees sway
how will we fill this promising day?
a walk to the top
and a splash in the stream
how peaceful and lovely
it all does seem
we’ll light up the fire (in the end with the lighters, we cheated)
well at least for tea our soup is heated
feet up on the log
tucked up snug in a chair
we watch whilst our fire with smoke fills the air
the moon peeks out from behind a cloud.
it is bright, it is full, round
a little slice of paradise we’ve found!
George, 7th August, 2009

…Once upon a time there lived a grumpy old man. He lived far far away in another town and worked very hard every day in Newcastle. Some of the people he worked with were much more grumpy and the only thing that kept them happy was a great big plate of grumbles every day. The man tired of these grumbles because he loved the beauty in life. He could see the colours of the world and could hear the sounds around him. These things were treasures enough and soothed the man’s soul for a while but every now and then the man would say “I wish I lived in a cave.”

Now the man had a wife who loved him dearly (she was very beautiful of course!!) The wife knew what made the man happy and wondered what she could do to get the man away from all the grumbles for a little while. Thinking about where she could find a cave that would give them shelter and where the sounds of the world were the only sounds and where the colours of the world were spread out in all their glory – the wife discovered the perfect place! On the first day of the sixth month the man and the woman (who as it happened was celebrating the day of her birth) climbed to the top of a very steep hill to their ‘cave’. All around them were the colours of the world – huge blue sky, fluffy white clouds, green – lots of green in the grass and the trees, yellow in the buttercups, bluebells and fluttering red ribbons above their heads. The man (once he had got his breath from climbing the hill) was at peace and his wife saw that he was happy again.

The man went looking for wood and made a fire each evening under the stars. The wife cooled champagne in the stream at the bottom of the hill and served up all kinds of lovely things to eat.

A beautiful woman walked up the hill and shared us her magic and the man felt a golden light wrap around him and go through him and he felt whole again.

All too soon it was time for the man and his wife to leave their cave but although they are leaving the hill top, they take with them the beauty and the presence of the earth and all its glory.

These gifts will live in their hearts forever and can be called upon to soften the grumbles.

The End

Christine and Ken, Durham, 1st June, 2009