Golden beauty of the Welsh hills

Autumn golden beauty oak

Mid-morning sunshine through the oaks

The golden beauty of autumn!

The lovely glow of autumn is here in the Welsh hills with fresh mornings, flowing rivers and changing colours.  You can feel the trees and plants settling into the soft quietness of the earth. We’ll soon be taking the tipis and yurts down to store the canvas and allow the land a rest over the winter months.

It’s a special time of year for guests who stay in October. The wood-burning stoves in the yurts or chimineas in the tipis really come into their own, as does the wild remoteness of our site at Esgair Llewellyn.  You deeply appreciate the warmth of the fire and the freshness of the air, the song of the rivers and the stillness of the earth! We’re offering 20% discount until the end of the season so get in touch if you’d like to come one last time this year!

Plans for the winter

We’ve had a wonderful season and are looking forward to the various jobs of sewing and building before we open again towards the end of March. We’re hoping to install outdoor wood-fired baths before the start of next season, so you’ll be able to bathe under the stars! We’ll keep you informed of how we get on…


Golden beauty Waterfall tipi

The Waterfall tipi with golden oaks and bronze larches behind!

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