One of our main aims at Eco Retreats is to give you the chance to fully relax from the stress of everyday life.

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So we offer a natural healing treatment as well as a guided meditation session.

Our experienced practitioners offer either Reiki or Spiritual Healing. Both of these are a gentle, unintrusive form of therapy in which the practitioner lays their hands on your body and energy flows through them into you. Sessions are usually about half an hour for each person. Most people find it relaxing or energizing, a real help to unwind; many guests who have had no previous experience of healing are very pleasantly surprised at just how boosted their sense of wellbeing feels following a treatment.

ChaNan also offers deeper healing sessions with Kinesiology and Elemental Medicine for if you have a particular physical or life issue that you want to work with.

In the meditation session you will be guided through some simple activities to help you relax and enjoy your stay to the full. Each of our experienced meditation leaders has their own unique approach to the session, using a variety of techniques – breathing, movement, visualization and sound. You’ll find it so much easier to switch off when you’re being guided and held through the meditation.

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